Webcasting is an evolving technology and must always adapt to the newest computers and other web devices. Horse Sports Network currently uses flash to encode our webcasts so your device must have flash installed and enabled for it to work.


First, click here to check your flash version.


Here is a test video for you to try out (it may take a few moments to load, so please be patient):




Here are some suggestions that other have had some success with, and that we ask you try before you contact us for more support.


  • Make sure you have Flash installed. Click here to install

  • Make sure you have enough bandwidth to view video. We usually stream at 300 kbps (.3 mbps) but would prefer you to have at least 500 kbps (.5mbps) Click here to test

  • If you are on a satellite, such as WildBlue or Hughes, they do limit your bandwidth usage. Some will allow you to purchase more credit, so check with your internet provider if you are not getting the minimum bandwidth.


  • Ensure all devices and software are fully up to date. In your device's setting screen, check for updates and apply any that are available.

  • Make sure you have enough bandwidth to view video. We usually stream at 300 kbps (.3 mbps) but would prefer you to have at least 500 kbps (.5mbps) Click here to test

Frequently Asked Questions

This generally happens when (a) the video feed is not running (not webcasting) or (b) your connection is too slow. Click Here to check your speed. Make sure your results show you are downloading at least .5mbps.
The webcast is not live. Check to make sure you are trying to view the webcast during live broadcast times, otherwise you will see this error. If you have tried to login before the event start and have received this message, try to refresh your page and try again.
Replays are not available for all webcasts. You can purchase individual runs using the links at the bottom of the webcast page to buy runs or to contact the videographer to inquire about viewing replays. They are usually available for viewing within 2 days following conclusion of the event.
Results will be linked as soon as they are available online. If there is any question about the status of the results, we encourage you to contact the producer directly by clicking the 'Event Information' link at the bottom of the webcast page.
When viewing a pay-per-view webcast, if you encounter an error that tells you to "log off" to view the webcast, you will need to close your browser and wait approx. 10 minutes before attempting to log in again, especially if on a different device. Pay-per-view events are only viewable on one device at a time.



Once you have tried these suggestions and you find that you still need more assistance,
or if you have other suggestions that have worked for your setup, please email us at


Make sure to tell us what kind of internet device you are using and your download speed from the speed test so we can best assist you. Make sure to check your spam folder, or all mail box, for our reply.